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About Us

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Jessica Fritschle

Founder & CEO

Hi, my life-long love of cats comes from growing up with them, I can't remember a time when we didn't have at least one cat in our house when I was a kid.


In 1998 I started working at a cat-only veterinary clinic as a vet assistant. Over the years, I progressed to the position of Head of Nursing and then finally Practice Manager in 2014. I left full-time work at the clinic in 2018 to pursue higher education at George Mason University. I spend my free time hiking, gardening, studying, quilting, and making sure my cat masters are happy. 


I currently live in the City of Alexandria with six crazy cats of my own.

Randi Kruger

Office Manager, Social Media Manager, & Pet-Sitter

Randi Kruger has long been a big fan of cats, and animals in general. With a 25 year career in Veterinary Medicine spanning everything from grooming to management, she is well acquainted with all that can go right, and wrong, with our pets.

She started her “second-half career” in 2014, leaving VetMed to pursue kayaking, as well as making art full time. She specializes in beach combing, sea glass, and fiber arts. She shares her home with many animals as well as her extended human family. She also has a ukulele addiction.

She can be found on instragram @justapaddler as well as @oonamadethis and on Facebook. She accepts friend requests from all nice people, but especially if they have cats, dogs, horses, or kayaks in their pics.

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Jackie Johnson


Jackie has been working with animals since 1996. She also worked with a non-profit going to Haiti multiple times to spay/neuter and rabies vaccinate cats and dogs in third world countries. She took a short break from the animal field and tried Physical Therapy and Roofing supply distribution. Her love of animals and customer service brought her to join our team. She has two daughters, 2 Great Danes, 6 cats and 3 snakes. As of March 2022 she became a Cat Friendly Veterinary Advocate with the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

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