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Cat Sleeping

Cat Care

Meal Service

Refresh Water Bowls

Scoop Litter-boxes

Give Medication

Play Time

Designed Cabinet

Home Care

Bring in Mail & Packages

Alternating Lights

Take out Trash

Water Plants

Opening & Closing Blinds

Cleaning kitty related messes

Gray Cat Drinking From Faucet


Detailed Visit Recap

Notes, Pictures & Videos

Confirmation Before Each Trip

 30-minute Visits
Once or twice daily

  • Our standard visit for most clients is twice daily.

  • We recommend all kitties get twice daily visits especially those are are meal fed, are older, or are on medications.

  • We also offer once daily visits for those owners that prefer it.

  • We do not offer every other day visits.


At home Medicine Help

Feeding Newborn Kitten
  • Need help giving medication or subcutaneous fluids at home? Or need a lesson at home on how to do something?

  • We have years and years of experience giving medications, including insulin, pills, subcutaneous fluids, and managing feeding tubes.


Nail trims & Grooming Help

  • At home nail trims

  • Extra pair of hands to help with minor grooming at home.


No extra fees for multiple cats or medications.


Service outside of the defined service area is possible for an additional $5 travel fee per visit.

Click here to see the service area map.

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